About our company


LAVA YOU is a driving force to raise awareness and help others!  LAVA YOU was inspired when a local fundraiser in attempts to help a 14 year old girl help pay for her bone marrow transplant spread worldwide and made the procedure possible in less than 1 week!  Warriors coming together to fight for a cause can create an unstoppable force and together we can make a difference! 

LAVA YOU stands for “LOVE YOU” because it’s about loving you and showing that love to others! Every product includes some LAVA, the stone of strength and passion!  Lava stones can also be used to diffuse essential oils.  Each bracelet has so much meaning behind it and stands for a bigger cause!  We are built on Warriors, and we need YOU to be a warrior and fight with us to make a difference! 

YOU are the force of LAVA YOU!

 Thank You for your support along this journey! XOXO, Emily Kai



I love headbands! I have purchased so many over time and have had all of the same problems as you....poor fabrics, slip off my head, give me headaches, or just simply look too young! After trying so many different headbands, I knew what features needed to be combined to make one that's perfect! Super soft, high quality, comfortable, classy, nonslip, a headband that's designed for women! The first time I entered a fabric market overseas, I had my 1 month old, Kai, with me. Kai was in a kangaroo pouch against me as I was cutting out & pinning together fabrics to make my designs. I alternated between trying on my designs, tweaking them & nursing my newborn. The strong love that filled my heart as a new mother inspired my creative passion. I started making them for myself and for the first time, I found myself wearing the same headband every day! After the course of a year, I had so many people asking me where they could get headbands like mine. The solution to the problem evolved into a dream and the adventure of EmilyKai began. Thank-you to all of my followers and boutiques for your love & support!